Z490 motherboard guide: ROG Maximus XII and ROG Strix boards unleash the power of Intel 10th Gen Core CPUs

Whether you’re a seasoned overclocker or a first-time builder, we have the perfect motherboard for your 10th Gen Intel CPU.

Our patented process brings exotic liquid metal thermal compound to new ROG gaming laptops

An automated application of liquid metal boosts CPU performance for the entire Intel 10th Gen ROG laptop lineup.

The ray-traced worlds of Minecraft RTX shine new light on a beloved classic

We go hands-on with the Minecraft RTX beta to see how ray-traced effects cast a beloved favorite in a whole new light.

Bold pops of pink set our new Electro Punk lineup apart from the competition

Our bold new Electro Punk color scheme is unmistakably ROG and unmistakably you.

A groundbreaking multi-screen design makes the Zephyrus Duo 15 rise beyond compare

The Zephyrus Duo's ROG ScreenPad Plus opens new frontiers in gaming and cooling.

Going hands-on with the ROG Strix GA35's killer combo of Ryzen 9 3950X and GeForce RTX 2080 Ti power

The ROG Strix GA35 delivers incredible gaming performance, but that's just the start of its all-around excellence.

The innovative Zephyrus G14 brings incredible power to a 14-inch form factor

The new Zephyrus G14 puts unprecedented power in a 14-inch form factor that’s portable enough to go anywhere and priced to bring premium gaming to everyone

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The ROG Swift PG43UQ delivers no-compromise 144Hz 4K gaming

The ROG Swift PG43UQ puts 4K HDR gaming on a massive new canvas.

Spring 2020 gaming laptop guide: ROG gets cooler than ever with liquid metal and a second screen

ROG laptops are raising the bar with the innovative ROG ScreenPad Plus and liquid metal thermal compound across the lineup.


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