About ROG

Brand Introduction

For years since its establishment, ASUS aimed to put an ever-greater emphasis on PC gaming. This process resulted in the 2006 founding of the Republic of Gamers brand (ROG), formed for the sole purpose of delivering the most innovative hardcore hardware for truly dedicated gamers.

Since then, the efforts of the ROG team have led to a constant flow of PC gaming technology that has become legendary among enthusiasts for its performance. ROG is more than just hardware, though – we take an active part in the global gaming community, helping develop the industry by sponsoring events such as PAX and Dreamhack. Worldwide media have recognized ROG as a leader in PC gaming and overclocking performance, with many of our products winning awards and gaining very positive feedback from hardware pros.

With this great response from gamers and the industry, ROG has all the resources it needs to keep working on enabling even better experiences – technology never sleeps, nor should the action!


Brand Vision & Mission


ROG-branded products always promise you absolute leading performance for those keen on winning power. Innovative user controls deliver true game-ruling innovation. Stylish gamer-focused design merges the excitement of gaming with a unique, premium style.


The Republic of Gamers is committed to producing the most innovative hardcore PC performance hardware, enabling the ultimate computing experience for gamers and enthusiasts worldwide.


Brand Evolution

Since 2006

There is a fundamental rule in the industry: in order to produce a successful new product range, the designers must have a complete understanding of their consumers. As the R&D engineers at ASUS consist of hardcore hardware fans, they are constantly thinking about how they can come up with the products that overclockers and PC gamers really need. They set out to design an ultimate motherboard; one with features never before seen by the world.

At the end of 2004, the award-winning A8N32-SLI motherboard was created, and its success ushered in the next a prototype for future ROG products. It was the first motherboard to support NVIDIA SLI dual graphics cards, where the A8N32-SLI Deluxe combined two GeForce 6600 GT graphics cards could outperform the ultimate GeForce 6800 Ultra in benchmarks.

Its high performance and overclocking margins made the A8N32-SLI Deluxe a top choice among overclockers and enthusiasts throughout 2005, as 3DMark results confirmed, with the top five overclockers worldwide exclusively using it.

The Intel based P5N32-SLI Deluxe that came shortly after, marketing the ultimate gaming performance on its packaging for the first time; bringing it one step closer to becoming ROG.

However the team of R&D engineers and PC enthusiasts weren’t satisfied with just these two successes; they wanted to push the extremes of performance ever further and it had to be something never seen before. They wanted to create a society for PC gamers, enthusiasts and overclockers alike, but what should they call themselves?

Extreme Team? Too ordinary! Extreme Game Group? Too common! G Group? Not mind-blowing enough! After much discussion, the temporary name “Project G” was decided upon and soon after, Project G’s first engineering motherboard, codenamed Pluto, was created.

In 2006 after several months of testing the newly established Project G team was officially renamed the Republic of Gamers, and after careful planning and redesigning Pluto, ROG’s first product, Crosshair, made its debut with many new ROG exclusive functions.

Very soon after enthusiasts and overclockers got their teeth into it, the highest overclocking frequency record of 3658.3MHz was achieved with an AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 processor. This success threw open the floodgates of records, awards and international recognition for all subsequent ROG motherboards to date - and before long – other complementary ROG hardware as well.

Since then, the Republic of Gamers has become the brand that enthusiasts have come to demand and throughout its five years of its growth, ROG has thoroughly embraced its brand culture of “The Choice of Champions”.

The ROG Logo

The first version of the ROG logo was a cubed letter G, denoting the great depth and many facets of gaming. This morphed into the mask logo, as part of a major brand overhaul in 2008. It now includes the new red cloak motif, which debuted together with the Rampage II Extreme motherboard.


ROG in Action

As a hardware vendor that is in tune with the pulse of PC gamers needs and wants, ASUS is in sync with the industry. With the ASUS ROG brand, we take an active part in the global gaming community, helping develop the industry by sponsoring popular events such as PAX and Dreamhack. ASUS is proud to be an integral part of the industry and community, and will continue to provide the latest hardware to enhance the gaming experience.

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